As with nearly all sympathomimetic stimulant based fat loss compounds (and most fat loss compounds in general), the Albuterol doses for the purpose of performance and physique enhancement are generally inflexible. Albuterol is utilized in much the same manner that Clenbuterol or Ephedrine is utilized. Albuterol doses and the protocols in which it is used is actually more similar to Ephedrine than it is to Clenbuterol, although Albuterol’s effects at the cellular level are identical as a beta-2 receptor adrenergic agonist. The manner in which Albuterol doses are administered is closer to Ephedrine in that the half-lives of both compounds are very similar (3 – 6 hours). However, the general manner of use of all stimulants for the purpose of fat loss is normally uniform in the following fashion: a peak dose is selected, which is the maximal daily dose that will be used during the cycle for fat loss. The first several days (normally spanning the first week or two) of use, the dose will be slowly ramped upwards until the final peak dose is achieved, after which the user will remain at the peak dose for the duration of use.

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