Arimidex works by blocking the aromatase enzyme, which blocks the production of estrogen in the body. Many types of breast cancer cells are aggravated by estrogen and the reduction in estrogen effectively slows down and even halts the advance of the cancer. As a result of its estrogen-inhibiting properties, it is a great steroid for male athletes. This drug reduces the level of estrogen in male athletes and is much more effective than other similar steroids like Proviron. This drug is exceptionally strong. A daily dosage of 1mg or one tablet can suppress estrogen production by over 80%. As it is such a potent drug, the maximum dosage for male users is 1mg per day or one single tablet.

Most users have seen great results with dosages as low as 0.25mg per day. Arimidex should not be used by young women and female athletes due to its extreme estrogen-inhibiting properties. Even as a treatment for breast cancer, Arimidex should be used only by post-menopausal women with advanced stages of breast cancer that cannot be treated with other drugs like Nolvadex.

As it blocks the production of estrogen in male athletes who use the drug, it leads to enhanced muscle growth and increased muscle mass. Arimidex used in combination with aromatizing androgens like testosterone leads to the user building solid muscle mass without appreciable water retention. In combination with such aromatizing androgens, side effects like gynecomastia and estrogen related side effects can be reduced while the quality of muscle mass can be improved.

Recommended average dosage: Between 0.25mg and 1mg per day


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