Cytomel (T3) is also known as Liothyronine or Tertroxin

Drug class: Synthetic thyroid hormone
Recommended average dosage: Between 25 and 100 mcg/day

Cytomel is the synthetic form of the thyroid hormone known as triiodiothyronine or T3. This synthetic hormone was originally produced to treat Hypothyroidism and is still mainly used to treat this condition. Hypothyroidism is a condition where insufficient amounts of thyroid hormones are being produced and can be caused by iodine deficiencies and malfunctions of the pituitary gland. The T3 hormone is essential for the body as it regulates metabolic activity, growth rate, heart function, etc. The thyroid stimulating hormone or TSH regulates the levels of T3 in the body.

However, with the use of Cytomel, the amount of T3 can be increased more than what TSH will permit. As a result, Cytomel is quite popular with athletes and body builders as it can increase the metabolic activity and the rate in which energy is used in the body. Cytomel consumes raw energy which increases the metabolic activity in the body and stored body fat is also burnt much faster than if only the T3 hormone was present. However, adequate fat sources should be available as energy sources as Cytomel can even break down muscle tissue when no other energy source is available.

Cytomel must be used in combination with an anabolic steroid. When used alone, it will only lead to the breakdown of muscle tissue. Cytomel is often used just before major sporting events and competitions to burn off the excess fat. A Cytomel cycle should be started off with low doses of 25mcg per day with gradual increases of 12.5mcg for both men and women. The maximum dosage for men is 150mcg per day and 100mcg per day for women. A Cytomel cycle should not exceed 6-8 weeks and users should carefully monitor their bodies and weight.

Cytomel increases the protein efficiency of the body and the rate at which protein is broken down is also increased. This means that the protein is utilized much better. It also increases the rate at which glycogen is broken down and glucose is metabolized and as this increases, the body starts using up stored fat reserves faster. Intake of Cytomel also increases the rate at which cholesterol is broken down.

However, there are some harsh side effects to using Cytomel. Firstly, it can lead to the loss of muscle tissue, which can be harmful to the performance of athletes and body builders. Excessive sweating, insomnia and headaches are other common side effects. After prolonged use of Cytomel, women often observe a disruption in their menstrual cycles as a result of very low body-fat percentage. As mentioned earlier, Cytomel should always be taken with anabolic steroids.


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