Testosterone boosters are used by en to develop and maintain their male characteristics, such as muscle formation, fat cutting, and stable urge for sexual activities. Most of the times, physicians prescribe testosterone boosters for people with lesser hormone secretion. This usually leads to the weakness of the bone and muscle, depression, sexual dysfunctions, and general malaise.

Sportsmen, especially athletes, are known to be regular users of testosterone boosters in order to improve their performance on the field. Most of the time, natural testosterone boosters are used by bodybuilders as part of their nutritional supplements in order to increase their muscle mass. Although these Canada steroids have a lot of immense benefits, one needs to also note the shortcomings that are attached to it. Generally, natural boosters, such as creatine, are legal and hence safer. However, the consumption and use of anabolic steroids are generally hazardous. Although they yield almost instantaneous reactions, they often pose a very bad effect in the long run. So, before you buy steroids in Canada, make sure you know the pros and cons surrounding it.

Testosterone 400 is a powerful testosterone product which adds mass and strength to those who use it. The product contains a 400mg blend of e different testosterone types namely Enanthate, Propionate, and Cypionate. It is used in form of an injection whereby users get a high dose of testosterone in just a few portion of the product. If you are looking to gain more mass, then this product is for you.

Test 400 has a high amount of alcohol and thus painful upon injection. This is because a high amount of alcohol is needed to dissolve that concentration of testosterone in such a small quantity of oil. Most people try to withstand this pain as it has the potential of increasing the strength and muscle mass while reducing fat.

The half-life of a dose is approximately 8 days. However, the level of testosterone in the body is increased up to 3-month portion.

The body of every individual has a limit to what it can withstand. Although the under secretion may have its own problems, over-consumption of these products, however, can also cause side effects, such as diabetes and liver damage. Renal failure is another popular prostrate malady which causes retention or overflow during urination.

Benefits of Test 400 Caps:

As identified earlier, test 400 is used by people who seek to build more mass and add to their muscular status. Users can also choose to add the test 400 to their nutritional supplements. Below are some of the numerous benefits of Test 400.

  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Increased Strength
  • Increased Testosterone Production

Potential Side Effects of Test 400:

  1. Gynecomastasia (man boobs): An event whereby man develops boobs, just like a woman.
  2. Pain at the injection site: Here, we mean a pain that is more than those associated with injection.
  3. Water retention: Although a little is normal, much water retention is not!
  4. Acne
  5. Oily Skin
  6. Hair Loss
  7. Body and Facial Hair Growth


Apart from the major effects of testosterone 400 as highlighted above, there are still some extra cautions you need to observe. Here, we will emphasize that when purchasing testosterone 400, make sure you buy steroids from a certified Canada steroids seller or online shop. There are lots of risks attached to buying from an over-the-counter or uncertified Canada steroids seller. Some of the reasons include:

  1. The product may not contain the necessary ingredients
  2. The product may contain additional ingredient that can cause other harms
  3. Due to its lack of quality, it may cause many other side effects.