Steroids are a class of drugs that are often associated with men. But that isn’t the case today.

With “best steroids for women” emerging as one of the most searched terms online today, steroid use has trickled down to women too.

In fact, a 1.4% usage of anabolic steroids among girls in high school was observed in a research study.

And this doesn’t just apply to high school girls.

Professional female bodybuilders, athletes, actresses, fitness coaches, and even Instagram influencers turn to steroid use for building muscle mass and strength.

With an apparent increase in female steroid use, many pharmaceutical companies are rolling them out as fast as they can. However, just like any fat-burning or muscle-building product, female steroids are not something to be taken lightly.

You need to be sure about which one is right for your fitness goals in 2022 and beyond.

Are you looking to get rid of body fat without risking your current muscle mass? Or perhaps you want to look lean, slightly muscular, and strong. But not exactly like male athletes and bodybuilders do.

Whatever your fitness goals, choosing a safe female steroid for your needs is essential.

In this post, we’ll give you all the details you need on safe steroids for women, what they offer, appropriate dosages and what to expect.

Let’s dive straight in.


When talking about safe steroids for female use, there aren’t many out there that rank among the best.

Anavar, however, is an exception. Nicknamed the ‘female steroid,’ Anavar is a popular steroid used by females all over the globe.

Most women use it as a diet pill or weight loss supplement to shred body fat and lose weight during cutting cycles. Along with inducing weight loss, Anavar can also be used to build muscle while maintaining a lean physique.

It’s widely known as the mildest steroid on earth, making it tolerable among men, women, and even children. It’s also gentler on the system and poses virtually no virilization side effects.

However, there are exceptions to every rule.

Taking Anavar beyond a regularly prescribed dose may come with some side effects. Affected females may experience virilization, including severe mood swings, higher cholesterol, acne, and a deepening voice.

Anavar Cycle for Women – How much should you take?

The correct dosage of Anavar for women increases across cycles.

Week 1: Anavar 5 mg

Week 2: Anavar 10 mg

Week 3: Anavar 15 mg

Week 4: Anavar 15 mg

Week 5: Anavar 20 mg

Week 6: Anavar 20 mg


Helps with burning body fat

Preserves lean muscle mass during cutting cycles

Enhances physical strength and endurance


Not suitable for vegans


Popularly used by both men and women, Winstrol is one of the most widely used steroids on the market.

Men mostly use it to get ripped and shredded. But it can be used by women to pack lean muscle mass tissue while fighting fatigue and shredding body fat.

But just how safe is Winstrol?

While Winstrol may not be the most potent steroid on the market, it’s a safe and legal alternative to Anavar when taken in very low doses.

Anything between 5 – 10mg daily can help you achieve your fitness goals. While going over 10mg per day can cause virilization in women. Female bodybuilders and athletes use Winstrol to enhance their energy levels due to its powerful performance-enhancing effects.

Unlike most steroids, Winstrol helps with weight loss by shredding body fat and reducing water weight. As a result, you can look even toned, slender, and leaner. That’s pretty much what you get with Winstrol.

Winstrol Cycle for Women – How much should you take?

The correct dosage of Winstrol for women stays constant across cycles.

Week 1: Winstrol 10mg

Week 2: Winstrol 10mg

Week 3: Winstrol 10mg

Week 4: Winstrol 10mg

Week 5: Winstrol 10mg

Week 6: Winstrol 10mg


Helps with shredding burning fat within a couple of days of use

Contains natural ingredients to preserve lean muscle mass

Has choline to help with weight loss


A bit more costly than other fat burner supplements


Often referred to as “Clen,” Clenbuterol is a well-liked steroid favored by men and women for athletic and fitness uses.

It works as a potent fat burner, leaving behind a lean muscle mass for a totally ripped physique in women.

Female bodybuilders love Clen because not only does it strip away body fat. It also increases oxygen flow while giving any cardiovascular performance a boost. This is extremely useful from an athletic perspective, as your muscles can handle long, intense workouts before fatigue.

A common mix-up people have with Clenbuterol is dealing with the thought that it’s a steroid. Well, it’s not. Clen is a stimulant that mimics certain weight loss steroids, which is why we’ve included it on our list of safe steroids for female use in 2022.


Burn fat a lot faster

Speeds up cutting phases to preserve muscle mass

Contains natural herbs and vitamins for increased focus


Proper timing of doses can be tricky

Clenbuterol Cycle for Women – How much should you take?

The appropriate dosage of Clenbuterol for women increases after week 3

Week 1: Clenbuterol 40 mg

Week 2: Clenbuterol 40 mg

Week 3: Clenbuterol 40 mg

Week 4: Clenbuterol 60 mg

Week 5: Clenbuterol 60 mg

Week 6: Clenbuterol 60 mg


Primobolan is an anabolic steroid that’s very safe and effective to use. It’s widely known for its mild nature, making it an attractive choice for women and even newbies.

In women, Primobolan is commonly used as a bulking compound to build lean muscle or improve athletic performance. With a low androgenic rating between 44 – 57, women can safely use Primobolan without any risk of virilization.

The steroid comes in an oral and injectable form, with tablets being less harmful to the liver than other oral steroids. However, Primobolan tablets are nowhere safe as the injectable version, which does not flow through the liver since it’s released straight into the bloodstream.

Since we are all genetically different, it is essential to remember that Primobolan use may with unique effect. Therefore, you should always start a post-cycle therapy with a low dosage and boost it as you progress.

Primobolan Cycle for Women – How much should you take?

The appropriate dosage of Primobolan for women increases right after week 3

Week 1: Primobolan 50 mg

Week 2: Primobolan 50 mg

Week 3: Primobolan 50 mg

Week 4: Primobolan 75 mg

Week 5: Primobolan 75 mg

Week 6: Primobolan 75 mg


Improves strength, power, and speed

Helps with lean muscle gain

Enhances nitrogen retention and protein synthesis


Proper timing of doses can be tricky


Anadrol is a very powerful steroid that female athletes and bodybuilders adore. It’s used to improve strength, enhance muscle mass and is available in many different forms, including pills, injections, creams, and patches.

Another way Anadrol works for women is by enhancing protein synthesis. Just like Clenbuterol, it also helps with better recovery after a workout, making it ideal for females seeking an edge in the gym or on the track. Anadrol also helps retain nitrogen within the muscles so that you can achieve muscle growth at a faster rate.

Despite providing fast muscle gains, using Anadrol beyond a prescribed dosage can result in problems associated with masculinity and virilization.


Helps with faster post-exercise recovery

Builds lean muscle mass through improved performance

Easy dosage


Slow fat-burning process

Anadrol Cycle for Women – How much should you take?

Week 1: Anadrol 25 mg

Week 2: Anadrol 25 mg

Week 3: Anadrol 25 mg

Week 4: Anadrol 25 mg

Week 5: Anadrol 25 mg

Week 6: Anadrol 25 mg

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it – a deep dive into 5 safe steroids for women.

Anavar, Winstrol, Clenbuterol, Primobolan and Anadrol.

These steroids are highly effective and can help you shred fat and build a lean muscle mass as long as you take them as prescribed. Combine this with a proper diet and workout regime, and you’re just a step away from achieving the dream body you’ve always wanted.